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"Wonderland Love"

At times, we may receive items with minor imperfections from our vendors, or a customer might return a gently damaged piece. With a heartfelt dedication to giving back, we offer these vintage-inspired garments in our "WONDERLAND LOVE" collection, and we proudly donate 100% of the profits to charitable causes. Our commitment to sustainability is also reflected in our efforts to find these unique pieces a loving home rather than contributing to wastefulness.

Charity Sale


    In our continuous quest to merge fashion with compassion, we've curated "Wonderland Love," a unique and meaningful collection, where modern vintage-inspired garments with slight imperfections find a new purpose. Embracing sustainability and compassion, we donate 100% of the profits from this give-back collection to charity. Shop the "Wonderland Love" collection and not only embrace the beauty of sustainable fashion, but also become a part of our mission to instill love and kindness in the world.

    Kindly note that all sales are final for items in the Charity Sales collection on WonderlandByLilian.

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