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At WonderlandByLilian, we understand the importance of the perfect fabric in creating your dream dress. Whether you’re deciding on a wedding gown, an evening dress, or a custom design, we offer you the opportunity to order fabric samples directly from our diverse and global collection. Feel the quality and see the true colors of our fabrics to ensure they meet your expectations.

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How to Request Fabric Samples:

  • Identify Your Preferred Fabrics: Browse our collection or think about the custom design you have in mind. Note down the styles, fabric types, and colors you are interested in.

  • Custom Design Requests: If you have a custom design, you can upload images or references of your desired fabric. Our team will do their best to match your specifications and suggest suitable fabric samples.

  • Fill Out the Sample Request Form: Complete our online form or email us to request your samples. Specify your fabric choices and any particular details that will help us serve you better.

  • Confirmation and Shipping: We will confirm your request details via email and dispatch your samples. The shipping cost varies as we source our high-quality fabrics from renowned suppliers worldwide, including Asia, Italy, France and Ukraine.

  • Sample Costs and Shipping: Fabric samples start at $10, covering the material costs. Shipping costs vary depending on the origin of the fabric since we source globally to provide you with the best options.
Why Order Fabric Samples?

  • Feel the Quality: Experience the texture, weight, and drape to see how each fabric enhances your look.
  • Perfect Color Match: Verify that the fabric colors align perfectly with your vision and style needs.
  • Ideal for Custom Designs: Ensure the chosen fabric meets the specific requirements of your unique design.

Get in Touch with Us for Fabric Samples

For any inquiries or further assistance with your fabric sample requests, please contact us

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Why Choose wonderlandbylilian

Experienced Artisans

Over 20 years experience, pur tailor is among the best in the industry, capable of turning any vision into reality.

Personalized service

We ensure that every bride receives personal attention and service that makes her feel valued and understood.

High-Quality Fabrics

We use only the finest materials, ensuring each gown is as durable as it is beautiful.

Inclusive and Flexible

We cater to all sizes and preferences. Every bride can find or create her dream dress with us.

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