Give back

At WonderlandByLilian, our passion extends beyond creating beautiful bridal wear. We believe in weaving compassion into every fabric of our business. By partnering with UNICEF, we commit a portion of our profits each month to empower and uplift children around the globe. Every gown purchased is a pledge to this cause, making your special day part of a larger story of hope and kindness.

From Our Small Corner to the World

As a small business, every gown we create is crafted with love and intention. When you choose one of our unique, vintage-inspired dresses, you're also helping to sow seeds of hope and opportunity for children around the world. Together with UNICEF, we turn a fraction of our earnings into vital resources for those in need. Your big day becomes part of a bigger story—one of love extending across borders.

to our brides
"Thank You for Being Part of Our Community"

We may be a small business, but together with you, our impact is profound. Thanks to your support, we contribute significantly to UNICEF’s missions, aiding children and families facing adversities. We are immensely grateful for your trust and your role in this heartfelt endeavor. Every purchase, every bride, every moment shared adds up to incredible changes.

Let’s continue to
grow this chain of love and support

reaching out with kindness that transcends our small beginnings.